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How to get involved

There are four ways to get involved, and each one can combine in-kind funding with cash funding in arrears. Our four types of membership are:

What you get

Together we will co-invest in projects that take new technologies from early stage concept right through to deployment. As a member, you will get access to funding, support, knowledge and networks that will help you to achieve your technology goals. Let’s take a closer look:

Get leverage

  • For a £60,000 investment you get access to R&D worth more than £1 million
  • You get to pay annually in arrears and nothing up front
  • You can pay in kind by providing expertise, equipment or assets during the year
  • Payment in-kind can mean there’s no cash to pay at the end of the year

Get priority

  • You get to vote on which exciting new technology projects are developed
  • Participate with your peers in a portfolio of innovative R&D projects
  • Realise greater value for money by sharing and reducing risk
  • Enjoy priority access to the results of our projects

Get support

  • You get access to co-funding for your innovative oil and gas technology projects
  • Collaborate with leading thinkers from industries beyond oil and gas
  • Seize opportunities to take new technologies out to single or multiple field trials
  • Work directly with leading academics from local, UK and global universities.

Get access

  • Build your industry network through our regular member-only events
  • Explore ideas and technology with our team
  • Take part in state of the art innovation projects and field trials 

Choose your projects

We will be investing in projects across all five of our current focus areas: asset integrity, wells, decommissioning, subsurface, marginal developments and net zero. Whatever your area of professional interest, you can focus your involvement and your investment through either Directed projects or Portfolio projects.

Directed projects

Directed projects involve a small number of companies, focused on common objectives, with individual funding arrangements and jointly-owned intellectual property. Directed project participants can receive automatic solution centre membership.

Portfolio projects

Each solution centre has a portfolio of projects aligned to a specific industry theme. Portfolio projects are jointly selected by companies with full membership. These projects are open to all members of the solution centre and intellectual property is shared.

Join us now

To join today or to discuss your membership, please get in touch and email