Top tips for applying to join the TechX Pioneer Programme 

Do your research on TechX: Make sure you know what you are applying for and that this is the right accelerator programme for you. There is loads of information on our website, have a browse around, or drop us an email if you prefer the personal touch.

Can you be in Aberdeen for 16 weeks? The programme is run out of the Oil & Gas Technology Centre, which is based in Aberdeen - it's a great part of North-East Scotland (but then again, we're a little biased). You will be provided with funding to support travel, accommodation and subsistence. There will be breaks in the 16 week programme but you will need to be based in Aberdeen for the 16 weeks. If you cannot commit to this then there isn’t much point in applying. Please contact us if you have any concerns.

Read the questions carefully: The main portion of the application assessment will be on your videos. Make them count! We don’t care about production quality; shoot them on your phone, but please make sure we can see you, hear you and you answer the questions.

Need a Visa to be in UK? We can support Tier 1 Entrepreneurial Visa applications through our special status with the Home Office but we recommend you investigate this process at time of application as it can take a couple of months to process. Click here to read more about this on the Government website. 

Be honest: Facts and figures are important to help quantify and qualify the opportunity you have identified but don’t make it up. If you don’t know the answer or are hoping TechX will help you find it, just say so. During the programme you will be put in front of a lot of industry experts so don’t make up facts and figures about your business if they don’t exist. This is an accelerator, we expect some works in progress so don’t be afraid to tell us your current status.

Be clear, concise and succinct: Your videos will be very short duration so take time to decide on the key points and messages you want to get across when describing your team, product, business etc. We are not mind readers so if you don’t tell us we won’t know. This is a competition so you need to stand out from the rest if you want a place on the programme.

Final Assessments: If you are chosen as one on the Finalists you need to be in Aberdeen for Boot Camp which is 2 days during the week of 26th Feb 2019. You will get notice if you make it through but keep these dates in mind. If this is going to be a problem please let us know and we can figure out a solution.

Programme start and end dates: If you are chosen as one of the start-ups to join cohort 2 you will need to be in Aberdeen for a 0900 start on the 13th of May and it will finish on the 30th of August.

Post TechX Support: TechX has also set up an incubator called TechX Plus which provides up to 12 months of follow on support for all graduating TechX Pioneers. This is voluntary and open to be used as you require once you have successfully completed the TechX Pioneer programme.