Cohort 2

  • Vita Inclinata Technologies

    Vita Inclinata Technologies

    Hoisting technology that increases the operating envelop for both cranes and helicopters, reducing downtime associated with weather while improving safety.   

  • Resolute Energy Solutions

    Resolute Energy Solutions

    Micro-polymers designed to fill unwanted gaps in well equipment, cements and the formation rock, fully blocking permeability and preventing the unwanted flow of subsurface fluids.    

  • Sedwell Limited

    Sedwell Limited

    Low-power, low-cost wireless condition monitoring technology that provides real-time data to prevent hydrocarbon releases, increasing safety and reliability.    

  • Hydromea


    Mini underwater autonomous robots that collect and harvest data in a subsea environment using high speed underwater communication and transfer.   

  • Mocean Energy

    Mocean Energy

    An autonomous, unmanned offshore renewable energy station to power ocean sensors, communication equipment and recharge sea-surface, underwater, and air drones.  

  • Sentinel Subsea

    Sentinel Subsea

    Non-invasive, environmentally friendly, no power alarm that monitors the integrity of suspended and abandoned oil and gas wells.  

  • BSC Separation Technology

    BSC Separation Technology

    Multi-phase separator to de-bottleneck and increase production from marginal fields.  

  • Green Mesa

    Green Mesa

    Software that enables emission profiling of assets, allowing informed decisions to be made for compliance reporting and fleet utilisation

  • AI Exploration

    AI Exploration

    A multi-phase system for enabling real-time surveillance of single wells across the entire oil field, to adjust and automate production and reduce unscheduled downtime. 

  • M&P Oil and Gas Solutions

    M&P Oil and Gas Solutions

    eCommerce platform for Capital and Decommissioning projects that enables operators to deliver more wells with less expenditure.

  • Eltera

    Hot and cold fluids inside exchanger create a temperature difference across the thermoelectric modules, generating electricity. Using multi-parameter optimisation techniques, a design has been achieved maximising power output and reducing cost by almost an order of magnitude.  

  • Optic Earth

    Using machine learning to build the next generation of seismic imaging technology using deep learning to solve 3 common challenges – ray tomography, dimensionality reduction and image reconstruction