Thorpe Molloy - Delivery Partner

  • Thorpe Molloy - Delivery Partner

    Thorpe Molloy - Delivery Partner

    During a private, facilitated session we will discuss your Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) report, exploring how your strengths contribute to the attainment of your team’s short-term strategic goals.

    We rarely succeed in a silo of one! The PPA evaluation will also help you develop a deeper understanding of the strength gaps in your team, our session will challenge you to consider your team needs from a different perspective, ultimately providing clarity on the actual (rather than assumed) requirements.

    With the required skills identified, we’ll work together in a workshop format to build your knowledge and capability to attract the people who have the skills you are looking for. This session will be dynamic and interactive. Drawing on over 20 years in resourcing we’ll use real life examples and discuss:

    • Describing your employee value proposition.
    • Good recruitment practice.
    • Building an effective team.
    • How to benefit from board members & mentors.