• BP - Strategic Partner

    BP - Strategic Partner

  • Equinor - Strategic Partner

    Equinor - Strategic Partner

  • KPMG - Strategic Partner

    KPMG - Strategic Partner

    KPMG’s Enterprise team is dedicated to providing fast-growing businesses with hands-on support and advice.  This support helps the TechX Pioneers move from idea to reality, quickly!  

    KPMG was really excited to work with the OGTC on TechX as the businesses are highly disruptive and innovative within a traditional sector. We also wanted to help the economy in Aberdeen.  We are really excited about the potential for these businesses to grow and scale, and want to be part of the journey.  

    We work directly with the TechX Pioneers to identify the challenges and opportunities they might face, and provide them with world-class expertise, resources and a wealth of networks.  

  • AB15 Limited - Delivery Partner

    AB15 Limited - Delivery Partner

    AB15 has supported the TechX Pioneer programme in two areas:

    1. Business Storytelling training to help the Pioneers pitch their ideas more effectively to customers, investors or partners.

    2. Sales training - the discipline of sales and selling – key processes and practices that emerging businesses need to adopt to be successful. 

    We run on a not-for-profit basis and the work received from the OGTC allows us to provide pro-bono support to many charities, social enterprises and early-stage entrepreneurs. Our exposure to the Pioneers has also allowed us to make helpful connections for them in the energy industry. 

  • Aspect Reputation Management - Delivery Partner

    Aspect Reputation Management - Delivery Partner

    Aspect Reputation Management facilitate and run numerous workshops, helping energy start-ups develop and enhance their marketing and communication skills, equipping them with what they need to showcase their innovative ideas to the wider market. We believe that these pioneers are the essential to the future of a sustainable oil and gas industry. 

    We believe that the TechX programme is an invaluable opportunity for smart people with smart ideas to accelerate new technologies into the energy industry and become recognised for their inventive solutions. This is why we provide ongoing support to the Pioneers through expert seminars on key business skills such as: 

    • Reputation and brand management 
    • Digital marketing 
    • Web design and development 
    • Public relations 
    • Event management 
    • Social media management 
    • Media training 

    We also prepare the Pioneers to pitch their ideas to a diverse range of investors with professional presentation sessions, helping to unlock their full potential as entrepreneurs.  

  • Marks & Clerk - Delivery Partner

    Marks & Clerk - Delivery Partner

  • Pinnacle - Delivery Partner

    Pinnacle - Associate

    The Pinnacle team provide technical advice, knowledge and our experience to the TechX cohorts. This is delivered through working in a lean and agile way by iteratively building a product based on requirements gathering, use and feedback. This helps the companies to grow by offering cost efficient services and products. 

  • Robert Gordon University - Delivery Partner

    Robert Gordon University - Delivery Partner

    As part of the two-year research project, RGU became actively involved in the TechX programme after looking at the psychological barriers to technology adoption. Research fellow, Dr. Ruby Roberts was actively involved during the selection process throughout cohort two, as well as contributing a significant amount of knowledge and input into several workshops. 

  • DNV GL - Delivery Partner

    DNV GL - Delivery Partner

    DNV GL deliver an expert session on technical risk and compliance for new innovative products.

    DNV GL also participate in the customer validation interviews providing insight with our knowledge of current technology available and possible blockers to be consider as you drive through your development phases.

  • Pinsent Masons - Delivery Partner

    Pinsent Masons - Delivery Partner

  • Celtic3d - Associate

    Celtic3d - Associate

    Celtic3d provide CAD design and prototyping services to the TechX pioneers. 

  • AVC Immedia - Associate

    AVC Immedia - Associate

  • Design Code - Associate

    Design and Code - Associate

    As a creative design and development agency we offer the TechX Pioneers a variety of valuable services, these include brand identity, building their online presence and a big benefit to those not quite ready to create a physical prototype, product/process visualisation through digital 3D modelling or animation. We had a lot of interest from the pioneers about the various ways we were able to help and were pleased to get the go ahead to work with a couple of them. 

  • Aberdein Considine - Associate

    Aberdein Considine - Associate

  • Scottish Enterprise - Associate

    Scottish Enterprise - Associate

  • HSBC UK - Associate

    HSBC UK - Associate

  • Forty Two - Assosiate

    Forty Two - Associate

    Find out more about Forty Two here

  • io - Assosiate

    io - Associate

    Find out more about io here

  • Sentec - Assosiate

    Sentec - Associate

    Find out more about Sentec here

  • Reason Agency - Assosiate

    Reason Agency - Associate

    Find out more about Reason Agency here

  • Scottish Investment Bank - Delivery Partner

    Scottish Investment Bank - Delivery Partner

    The Scottish Investment Bank (SIB) is Scottish Enterprise’s investment arm.   We help companies to identify appropriate sources of finance, engage with funders and secure the investment they need to grow their business. We also actively invest in high-growth businesses across Scotland and operate two funds on a commercial basis.

  • Thorpe Molloy - Delivery Partner

    Thorpe Molloy - Delivery Partner

    During a private, facilitated session we will discuss your Personal Profile Analysis (PPA) report, exploring how your strengths contribute to the attainment of your team’s short-term strategic goals.

    We rarely succeed in a silo of one! The PPA evaluation will also help you develop a deeper understanding of the strength gaps in your team, our session will challenge you to consider your team needs from a different perspective, ultimately providing clarity on the actual (rather than assumed) requirements.

    With the required skills identified, we’ll work together in a workshop format to build your knowledge and capability to attract the people who have the skills you are looking for. This session will be dynamic and interactive. Drawing on over 20 years in resourcing we’ll use real life examples and discuss:

    • Describing your employee value proposition.
    • Good recruitment practice.
    • Building an effective team.
    • How to benefit from board members & mentors.

  • Crossfit - Delivery Partner

    Crossfit - Delivery Partner

  • Pale Blue Dot Energy - Delivery Partner

    Pale Blue Dot Energy - Delivery Partner

    Pale Blue Dot Energy was established to take action on climate change. We believe in the importance of building a resilient economy and see the opportunities created by the transition to net zero.