Pseudo Dry Gas System

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Marginal Developments

Project Summary

Worley Parson’s INTECSEA consultancy are working in partnership with the Oil and Gas Technology Centre (OGTC), to carry out a study of new technology to potentially unlock marginal fields.

Together with the OGTC, INTECSEA will carry out two studies to look at the economic impact of applying its innovative Pseudo Dry Gas technology in the West of Shetland and more generally as a gas disposal system for North Sea fields.

The technology aims to make long distance subsea tiebacks which have typically not been economically or technically feasible, commercially viable. Pseudo dry gas technology eliminates the need for topsides and costly compression, along with their associated high C02 emissions (estimated C02 savings to be 100,000 tonnes per year, per project), by reducing back pressure in the pipeline to create a more energy efficient flow. This allows much greater tie-back distances.

Field trial

The first prototype trial is due to take place Q1 2019.