Downhole electronic activation platform

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Project summary

We’re working with Intelligent Drilling Tools (IDT) to develop a revolutionary approach to downhole tool activation, which could deliver significant rig time savings, reduce non-productive time, and improve the efficiency and speed of drilling.

During drilling and completions activity, some downhole tools (e.g. Multi function Circulating Subs or Reamers) are typically activated using balls and darts which are dropped through the drillpipe or tubing. These systems usually have a maximum of eight activations and can take considerable time for the balls to seat and eventually activate the tool. In some cases, a round trip of the BHA will be required to empty the ball chamber before the tool can be used again. Balls and darts are also unreliable in high inclination and horizontal wells.

IDT’s downhole electronic activation platform (DEAP) replaces conventional activation methods. DEAP is an electronic, programmable sub that can be “ downlinked” to from the surface using its onboard sensors. Downlinks can be performed using either drill string RPM, mud pulses or a combination of both depending on the application. This activates its motor drive which can be adapted to activate any downhole tool. Depending on the application, the system can deliver countless activations that take only six minutes regardless of well depth or inclination. This represents significant efficiencies and cost savings to operators.

The system will help de-risk operations as it removes the possibility of balls or darts jamming in the drill pipe or not reaching the required landing seat.

IDT’s technology has already garnered significant interest from major operators, and will be trialled in a live well when the project is successfully completed.