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Marginal Developments

New technology and approaches to field development are needed to unlock the big prize in UKCS marginal developments.

We're focused on three key areas which will support our overall goal of developing 50% of marginal fields.

Tieback of the Future (TotF)

Transforming our approach to subsea tiebacks to unlock 2.5 billion boe; designing a circular economy model to allow disassembly and reuse at every stage of a field development.

We're looking for a 50% time and cost reduction by 2025. 

Facility of the Future (FotF) 

Developing a low-cost, reusable, smart facility to unlock reserves outwith tieback distance of existing infrastructure. 

We're looking for a 50% cost reduction by 2025. 

Integrated energy

Integrating marine renewable and oil and gas energy systems for economic, cleaner and sustainable developments. 

We're looking to have 2MW renewable power by 2025. 


Can you help us achieve our goals?

If you have an idea that fits into one of our Roadmap goals then get in touch - submit your ideas here.

For more information on our 10-year Roadmap click here or watch our video.

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