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Digital Transformation

Digital transformation, is fundamentally changing the way we all live, work and interact and is already disrupting almost every industrial sector.

The oil and gas industry needs to embrace its own digital transformation, investing in the type of data-driven solutions that are already used in other industries. Using digital technology will drive improved performance, increase uptime, optimise production, enhance safety and reduce the cost of doing business.

All this represents a significant challenge – one that we were specifically set up to address with the help and support of industry.

Our role is to identify, inspire, accelerate and fund new technology. We are working to improve data enabled business processes and accelerate the identification and evaluation of new innovative technologies that will drive our transformation.

This transformation needs to be business outcome driven rather than have a pure technology focus. To support this, we are working with the industry on six key themes, to determine what the future will look like and identifying the technology barriers that will need to be overcome.

Digitally enabled supply chain

To drive the transformation of our traditional supply chains toward a connected, smart, and highly efficient supply chain ecosystem.

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Smart facilities

To provide greater operational insight and knowledge to support the design of future facilities and delivering a step-change in asset management.

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Artificially intelligent sub-surface

To investigate the potential of applying AI to support subsurface workflows, with an initial focus on improving the exploration life cycle.

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Optimised production

Investigate the potential of applying technologies and AI to optimise our production systems and maximise recovery.

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Digital and data architecture

To develop the digital and data platforms required to enable us to become data driven and provide better business outcomes across our industry.

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Digital transformation in oil and gas is essential to make our industry fit for the 21st century.

Could your idea or technology be the next solution to part of the challenge? We’re here to support you with this, so get in touch.