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Over the next decade 100 platforms are forecast for complete or partial removal – and close to 7,500 kilometres of pipeline are lined up for decommissioning.

We're focused on four key areas which will support our overall goal of reducing decommissioning costs by 35%.

Late life management

Changing the way we manage infrastructures that are beyond their design life to maximise economic recovery and optimize decommissioning enabling a circular economy.

We're looking to reduce the overall cost by 10%. 

Post CoP OPEX reduction

Efficient execution pre-cessation of production (CoP) to minimise or eliminate post CoP OPEX.

We're looking to reduce the overall cost by 20%. 

Innovative removal

Industrialising the process of removal and transportation of offshore infrastructure.

We're looking to reduce the overall cost by 20%. 

Optimise abandonment 

Decommissioning our wells as safely, simply and cheaply as possible. 

We're looking to reach a value target 35% of P&A costs. 


Can you help us achieve our goals?

If you have an idea that fits into one of our Roadmap goals then get in touch - submit your ideas here.

For more information on our 10-year Roadmap click here or watch our video.


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