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Asset Integrity

Maintaining assets that are reaching or are already operating beyond their design life is a global challenge for the oil and gas industry. How effectively we, as an industry, deal with the asset integrity challenge will impact on the overall longevity of the industry on the UKCS.

Process vessel inspection and corrosion under insulation (CUI) were identified in the Asset Integrity Theme Landscaping Study, commissioned by Oil and Gas UK on behalf of the Technology Leadership Board, as two key challenges the industry is facing.

Process Vessel Inspection

Process Vessel Inspection (VI) is a significant contributor to production downtime during a planned shutdown and often involves personnel entering into confined spaces and therefore raises risks for workers.

The development of alternative approaches to VI that enable inspection while maintaining production has the potential to increase production by up to £157 million per annum (@ $50/bbl).

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Corrosion under Insulation

CUI can be difficult to detect due to the insulation cover that masks the corrosion problem, and insulation removal is expensive. CUI can lead to unplanned downtime and raised potential for loss of hydrocarbon containment and associated risks.

Several technologies have demonstrated the potential for detecting CUI with minimal insulation removal, and while no single solution has been identified which would be applicable for all cases of CUI detection, the combination of various techniques, technologies and delivery platforms can offer potential improvements over current techniques.

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We have therefore made these the focus areas for our Solution Centre. Our role is to accelerate the identification and development of innovative technology solutions for these challenges, so we can help reduce the estimated £300 million they cost the industry.

Do you have an idea or technology that could be part of the solution? We are here to support you and accelerate getting technology to market.