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Sonomatic is a worldwide organisation whose expertise in ultrasonic inspection design, development and application, dates back more than 30 years to our roots in the nuclear sector. Today the company has widened its focus and provides proven yet pioneering services to customers in defence and power generation, but our largest client base is in the challenging oil and gas industry, both upstream and downstream.

Sonomatic - 3D Visualisation

Project summary

As part of a proof of concept demonstration, pipework on an offshore platform was modelled in 3D using specially developed software. The models created allowed existing wall thickness corrosion mapping data to be shown on the 3D geometry. These models then permit straightforward visualisation of the condition of the pipework. The data was used to develop finite element models for stress analysis and fitness for service assessment. The outputs of the finite element analysis were fed back to the 3D geometry model which permits ease of access and visualisation.


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3D Visualisation



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Potential Industry Value

The ability to visualise the physical location of equipment will allow more accurate risk-based assessments to be made. More accuracy and higher confidence in the assessments will allow budgets to be optimised and realistically reduce future inspections by 10%. For an asset with a typical annual inspection budget of £1million, this equates to a £100k saving per year.