Quantum Leap Technology (QL Tech) - Fabric Maintenance

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QL Tech

QL Tech was established to design and develop a range of innovative integrated power systems utilising modern battery, motor and pump technology together with state of the art power electronics to crease exceptionally reliable, inherently safe power solutions for the energy sector.

Quantum Leap Technology (QL Tech) - Fabric Maintenance

Project summary

Fabric maintenance is critical to maintain and extend the life of our ageing offshore infrastructure. Operators are seeking to reduce costs and improve the efficiency of fabric maintenance. Coupled with the move towards normally unmanned platforms, this necessitates the deployment of autonomous fabric maintenance robotic solution.

QL Tech has completed preliminary hardware and software design of a next generation AI system, encompassing the latest developments in machine vision and machine learning to automate fabric maintenance blasting and painting.

The objective of this project is the development of a robotic solution, embedded with pioneering AI software to enable a fully autonomous robot capable of blasting and coating complex structures.

This project will culminate in an onshore field trial, which will prove the technology in an operational environment.


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Autonomous Fabric Maintenance



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Potential Industry Value

It is estimate that this project will result in a reduction of 50% in the short term and 80% in the long-term costs on a per square meter basis for fabric maintenance.

Therefore, the expected direct cost saving this project could deliver in its initial phase would be in the region of £652.5M based on a large offshore UK platform typically having an annual fabric maintenance expenditure of £5-10M.