pipelines2data - inSonify Smart Pigging (Marathon)

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Pipelines 2 Data (p2d) Limited

With constantly evolving priorities, it's essential to get the most cost effective solution, while maintaining extremely high quality standards. P2D understands this need and are geared to deliver value to customers through trusted, innovative and proven technologies. The full range of tools available provide unrivalled standards of actionable data and are ideally suited to provide all pipeline & pigging requirements.

pipelines2data - inSonify Smart Pigging (Marathon)

Project summary

Pipelines2data have created a unique way to inspect pipelines using their inSonify technology. InSonify uses wideband acoustics to collect quantitative data from the pipeline (i.e. corrosion and debris location etc.), to monitor and to inform the Operator on the internal condition and integrity of the pipeline. It promises to be a gamechanger, offering a cost effective and low risk solution which maximises system optimisation. In the first of four trials with major Operators, this three month project will demonstrate the technology in a real-world scenario on a 30" pipeline in the North Sea.


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inSonify Smart Pigging (Marathon)



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Potential Industry Value

Shutdown of key pipelines can lead to £100,000s per day in lost production. By using P2D's inSonify system, pipeline operators can rapidly detect and accurately localise flow restrictions and flaws in critical revenue generating pipelines. This means quicker, more cost-effective screening surveys. With 45,000km of subsea pipeline within the UKCS it is estimated that inSonify has the potential to deliver a cost saving of approximately £46million to the industry over the next 10 years.