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Osokey deliver cloud-based data management, collaboration & data analysis solutions to the energy industry.

Osokey - Seismic in the Cloud

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Osokey Ltd have co-funded a project with a major North Sea operator and Osokey to develop seismic technology in the cloud. The project will transform the existing subsurface technical environment using Osokey's cloud expertise and innovations. This solution will deliver rapid data access, improved collaborative working and deliver greater workflow efficiency. The project will remove data duplication from subsurface workflows and enable new ways of working with seismic data. The project will use the Operator's 2D, 3D and pre-stack seismic to deliver a highly scalable data repository that can connect to cloud hosted workstations. By removing the constraints of restricted storage volumes and user hardware specifications, Osokey's innovations will drive greater productivity, connect global expertise with data and significantly reduce costs across the industry.


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This technology targets reducing on premise seismic data storage Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) by greater than 50%. It also compresses the timeline of accessing archived data from days and weeks to minutes and hours driving greater productivity. Data moves from being inaccessible in cold storage to being available on demand. For example, 50TB of object storage .segy data on AWS has a Total Cost of Ownership over three years of £18,091 compared with a single operator's on-premises solution approximated at £65,052. This provides a 72% cost saving solely focussed on data storage. Comparable levels of saving can be achieved with other public cloud providers. Assuming 100% uptake over 10 year period, effecting 120 organisations across UKCS. Significant additional value in the opportunity the technology creates to run data analytics across subsurface data sets.