INTECSEA - Pseudo Dry Gas Systems (Phase 2)

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INTECSEA - Pseudo Dry Gas Systems (Phase 2)

Project summary

The scope of this project is to build a transparent prototype of the Pseudo Dry Gas (PDG) liquid removal unit and test via a flow loop facility. This technology will dramatically improve the efficiency of subsea gas transportation by removing fluids at the earliest point of accumulation, enabling longer subsea tiebacks while significantly increase development economics, as well as enabling current stranded gas fields to be developed with the lowest possible CO2 emissions per unit of gas produced.


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Pseudo Dry Gas Systems (Phase 2)



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Potential Industry Value

The PDG technology will potentially address two challenges facing the industry and one challenge facing the wider community. Firstly, PDG will allow stranded and non-stranded deep-water gas fields to be developed more economically to allow it to compete with existing onshore and shallow water gas basins. The second challenge is reducing CO2 emissions per unit of gas produced and PDG does this by removing the liquids within the system which would otherwise lead to higher back pressure and the need for additional energy (compression) to be supplied to the production system. Phase 2 is being supported by five operators and two Tier 1 contractors.