IMRANDD - Inspection Data Analytics

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IMRANDD is a business focused multidiscipline group of engineers and oil and gas professionals with broad experience in the management of upstream oil & gas assets. We have extensive background in asset integrity management and can provide specialist engineering support and solutions for fixed and floating offshore structures, marine systems and pressure systems.

IMRANDD - Inspection Data Analytics

Project summary

Despite decades of inspection data being gathered across the UK Continental Shelf (UKCS), with significant cost to industry, confidence in the quality of this data is low. Without a step change in approach, this problem is likely to persist. IMRANDD is developing an innovative software solution, providing advanced data analysis that will enable large volumes of data to be captured, analysed and then 'cleansed' - substantially improving the quality of the data collected. This system has the potential to reduce manual data analysis by 95% and reduce the need for future inspections by 20%.


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Inspection Data Analytics



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Potential Industry Value

Reduced failures & increased recovery & cost reduction and better utilised manpower & resources. The greatest value of this software solution is the high level of confidence in the output of integrity assessments, improving the understanding of the overall risk profile of the asset. The software will give insight to the condition of the asset to reduce future inspections by up to 20% and prevent imminent failures, potentially saving millions in lost production. It has the potential to add £400 million to the UKCS.