Global Design Innovation - Automated defect detection and reporting

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GDi provides fit for purpose repair orders, engineering support and design solutions across the energy sector. GDI deliver tailored engineering solutions and provide clients a cost effective means of safely and efficiently maintaining assets by utilising latest technology to streamline workflows and increase uptime.

Global Design Innovation - Automated defect detection and reporting

Project summary

Global Design Innovation is deliving two projects which have the potential to transform the entire asset integrity management process. The first project will use the latest laser technology to develop a 3D, 360° digital twin model of the asset which will be the single source of all asset integrity information. This model will provide real time updates and allow the engineers to enter, view, manipulate and manage all asset integrity information without the need to generate reports. The second project will develop a revolutionary handheld laser scanner which will rapidly obtain accurate inspection data, automatically detect and categorise defects and generate virtual inspection reports. The use of the digital twin model, in combination with the revolutionary visual inspection tool, will revolutionise asset integrity having the potential to save the oil and gas industry £250million per year.


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Automated defect detection and reporting



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Potential Industry Value

GDi Inspection will transform the inspection process by eliminating the need for traditional reporting methods and provide the ability to accurately assess the condition of hazardous or inaccessible locations using the automated defect detection software. It has the potential to save an operator up to £1.3million per asset, per year, that equates to at total saving of £325million per year for the UKCS.