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ESR Technology Ltd - Inspection for Corrosion at Trunnions

Project summary

In partnership with the HOIS Joint Industry Project, the OGTC is tackling the hidden danger of corrosion in trunnion supports of pipework in a project championed by the UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE). Trunnions are welded supports to pipework that are widely used in the oil and gas industry. The trunnion supports usually have a weep hole, which can be left unsealed which can lead to water ingress and resulting hidden corrosion of process pipework. This project involves five service companies participating in open trials using a range of inspection technologies to detect corrosion of the process pipework hidden within the trunnion support. The dangers of undetected corrosion in trunnion supports was the focus of an HSE safety notice, following an incident at an onshore petrochemical plant, and recently the HSE have issued prohibition and improvement notices on this issue. A guidance note will be issued on completion of the project.


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Inspection for Corrosion at Trunnions



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This project will be instrumental in raising awareness of available technology for managing external corrosion and has the potential to help unlock the Asset Integrity Solution Centre Goal of reducing integrity costs by 50%.