DeltaTek Global - SeaCure cementing system

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Deltatek Global was established in response to growing industry demand for efficiently implemented, intelligent, cost saving and risk reducing products to the Oil & Gas Drilling industry.

DeltaTek Global - SeaCure cementing system

Project summary

We worked with Deepwater Oil Tools to develop, test and certify, ArticuLock, a special articulated joint within the drillpipe running string used when deploying subsea equipment through the drilling rig during well construction.

The technology aims to enable drilling operations to run equipment even in rough weather conditions, resulting in a reduction in waiting on weather time (WOW), a multi-million pound issue annually to the drilling industry.

Independent studies have demonstrated that ArticuLock could increase the operating weather window by 30-35%, having a significant impact on reducing WOW time.




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SeaCure : Cement Optimisation Tool



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Potential Industry Value

SeaCure Cementing has been shown to provide a time saving of approximately 4 hours from every subsea well and up to 36 hours for many subsea wells. This equates to a cost based value proposition of between £75,000 up to £1M per SeaCure cement job. With around 20 Subsea wells drilled per year in the UKCS a 20% uptake would result in a saving of between £150K to £2M.