Astrimar - Qualification / Certification Proposal

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Astrimar is an independent specialist engineering consultancy delivering excellence in Reliability, Integrity Assurance and Technical Risk Management.

Astrimar - Qualification / Certification Proposal

Project summary

New technology is fundamental to creating a viable future for the oil and gas sector, yet the introduction of any new technology, be it product, tool or process, creates uncertainty. Astrimar is a leading consultancy providing assurance in the field of technical risk. Their study will enable the OGTC to develop a guidance framework for companies on how to confidently develop and introduce new technologies. This study is split into two distinct phases. The first phase will identify current certification practices, outlining their challenges, barriers and gaps; the second will outline a thorough technical qualification framework which will enable the OGTC to develop a faster, more effective technology qualification process.


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This study and resulting guidance note will provide technology developers with insight to the challenges and barriers to technology qualification, from both the user and the developer perspective, along with an overview of current best practices and existing test facilities, with any key gaps / needs/ recommendations.