Apollo - KnowHow and RBLX Software

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Apollo Offshore Engineering

Apollo is a technically-led engineering company. Its core values of Safe Attitude Future Enjoyment underpin the company culture and how we approach, engage and deliver for our clients as well as interact with each other. Apollo empowers its engineers to deliver for our clients, with appropriate reporting and controls, ensuring maximum engineering value to be created.

Apollo - KnowHow and RBLX Software

Project summary

The OGTC have brought together two technology developers, Apollo Offshore Engineering and Lifetech, to collaborate on an innovative data management solution. The two individual software applications under development (Apollo KnowHow and RBLX) have been brought together through this project to provide a tablet-based, single, common portal for all integrity data and decision-making across the full lifecycle of an asset, allowing for quicker and more accurate data gathering and reporting, this approach has great potential to increase operational efficiency. The integrated software systems will provide a full integrity management lifecycle solution for late life management and fitness for service, with the ability to replace legacy data management systems.


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Apollo KnowHow and LifeTech RBLX Software



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Potential Industry Value

For a single asset, we conservatively estimate the cost savings of implementing KnowHow/ RBLX to be in the order of £1m-£5m based on the current OPEX budget associated with managing asset integrity for an asset and the efficiencies (20%) that would be gained by introducing a single solution enabling efficient workflow(s).