Air Control Entech - Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) development

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Air Control Entech Limited

We are Air Control Entech, an innovative UAV inspection company committed to developing new technologies with the sole aim of making offshore inspection in the Oil & Gas industry smarter, faster and safer. We bring together the best of UAV and inspection technologies across various industries to engineer perfectly optimised inspection UAV's for the the challenging and remote conditions found offshore.

Air Control Entech - Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) development

Project summary

Air Control Entech (ACE) is focused on delivering a step change in the remote inspection of oil and gas facilities, by developing the capability and functionality of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) - specifically drone technology. These advanced drones improve on traditional rope access inspection methods, increasing the speed of inspections by up to 20 times and reducing cost by ~50%. Importantly, this also improves safety by removing the need for offshore personnel to physically inspect. The project has delivered three new UAVs - confined space entry, ultrasonic testing and 3D laser scanning - all fitted with live video streaming capability and enhanced flight control systems. ACE has already secured early-stage technology trials with a number of major operators, that will see this new technology deployed on North Sea facilities. These trials will provide valuable feedback that will be used to further refine functionality and capability.


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Potential Industry Value

In the UKCS, it is estimated that £300M is spent on visual inspection annually with a large portion associated with scaffolding and rope access activities. UAV inspection has the potential to reduce that cost by up to 25% saving the industry £75M per annum, alongside broader safety improvements.