Tubing compaction

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Project summary

We supported Oilfield Innovations to trial the company's technology, which could become an enabler for rigless well plugging and abandonment. The trial took place in an onshore yard and simulated a well environment.

The technology aims to remove approximately 100ft of completion tubing from above the production packer to allow access to the production casing for logging and barrier placement, without the need to bring in a rig to remove the entire completion string.

Twelve simulation trials were carried out. Half of the trials demonstrated repeatable 50% compaction of 4 ½” inch 13Cr L80 12.6-ppf tubing and 5 ½ inch 13Cr L80 17.0-ppf tubing inside of 9 ⅝ inch 53.5-ppf casing. This was the desired compaction for the trial, and could potentially open the doors for rigless abandonment.

The other half of the trials provided data for a subsequent project by OGIC and the University of Glasgow to mathematically predict tubing compaction results using existing well information.

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