Onshore PulseEight trial


Entry TRL



Project summary

We supported Tendeka to conduct a successful onshore field trial of the company's PulseEight technology in a gas storage well in Austria, operated by OMV Group.

PulseEight is a wireless intelligent completion technology that provides operators with options to extend the life of their existing assets, and to develop new fields more effectively, reducing the need for intrusive well intervention work.

The technology uses a unique pressure pulse telemetry suitable for multi-phase fluid environments that allows wireless communication between downhole and the wellhead. Eliminating control lines makes the technology an easy to install and cost-effective solution.

During the installation of a PulseEight downhole device and a newly developed PulseEight surface system, various operations were undertaken to test the downhole device and prove the surface decoding system.

The two-week trial was a success and that proved the capability to communicate data from downhole to surface and remotely function tools.

Field trial


Economic value

  • Enhanced recovery
  • Cost reduction

Non-economic value

  • Risk¬†reduction

Project successful

  • Yes