Non-intrusive inspection trials

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Project summary

The results of three non-intrusive inspection (NII) trials, organised by the Oil & Gas Technology Centre and Total E&P UK, demonstrated that the technology can deliver significant cost, safety and efficiency benefits compared with traditional intrusive methods.

Total identified two process pressure vessels on its Elgin Franklin platform that it would intrusively inspect during a shutdown. Working with the Technology Centre, it was agreed that NII would be carried out in advance of the shutdown so the results could be compared.

Three technology providers – Eddyfi, MISTRAS and Sonomatic – were selected to conduct the field trials, and they deployed a range of ultrasonic corrosion mapping and time of flight diffraction solutions.

The three NII trials took place while the vessels were online and operating, and the intrusive inspections were later completed as planned during the shutdown. The NII scopes did not detect any significant defects that would pose a risk to the integrity of the pressure vessels, and the intrusive inspection confirmed the same.

The results correlated meaning NII delivered the same outcomes but without the requirement for a costly shutdown and potentially hazardous man entry into the vessels.

Field trial


Economic value

  • Enhanced production efficiency
  • Cost reduction

Non-economic value

  • Improved safety
  • Risk reduction

Project successful

  • Yes