ArticuLock - Phase 2

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ArticuLock aims to provide operators with larger weather windows to deploy subsea hardware, and improve operational reliability by removing bending fatigue through subsea running tools and landing strings.

The objective of the project was to field trial the ArticuLock tool concept in an operational environment to:

  • Prove the ability of the tool to interface with racking equipment and rig floor hardware
  • Execute long-term degradation testing of the tool, by using substantial hanging mass (65MT) to represent actual subsea hardware being installed beneath the tool.
  • Demonstrate the tools functional performance in the intended load condition.

It is estimated that the technology could save North Sea operators up to £80 million per year by reducing waiting on weather, as well as reduce risk in subsea deployment operations.

The project was a success and achieved:

  • Successful integration of the ArticuLock tool with the drillship handling package.
  • Successful execution of the ArticuLock load and long-term degradation testing.

Field trial


Economic value

  • Cost avoidance

Non-economic value

  • Risk reduction

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