Well planning transformed through collaborative software package

Typical well operations utilise multiple applications and various modes of communication across operator, rig contractors and service company interfaces. These systems have little cross-linkage and lack data sharing. Data requires manual duplication and valuable lessons learnt can be lost. In addition to this, the process is very time consuming. All of this combined results in increased costs and risk.

In order to transform well planning, The OGTC supported a project which looks at well design/abandonment application with continuous data flow through planning and operations, with the ability to analyse lessons learned using artificial intelligence (AI).

Industry Value

Evoilve's COLLAB software provides a focussed and centralised arena for the engineer to streamline well planning and operation by reducing administrative burdens associated with back to back, high paced, varied well operations so that time can be better spent engineering solutions. Focussing around the well programme and taking the whiteboard to the web, the goal of COLLAB is to transform well planning and reporting by embracing the digital transformation that has swept other industrial sectors, bridging cross communication gaps and providing a central platform for data input.

Fewer cost overruns, fewer failures during execution and the ability to continue learning in a structured and integrated manner could transform the industy.

An assumption of saving six people planning for six months equates to 12 man months. Across 10 wells operations a year, this could have an annual saving of £876,000.

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We craft bespoke tools to help oil and gas operators in achieving efficiency and performance.

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We craft bespoke tools to help oil and gas operators in achieving efficiency and performance.

Key Results

The project connected Evoilve with an appropriate industry partner who evaluated COLLAB in an interactive workshop.

This project phase was successful as it determined the suitability for further development. Industry feedback has resulted in an updated version of COLLAB, which in turn has increased interest in the product - pushing the team closer to commercialisation.

Lessons Learned

It is hoped to further refine the product through additional industry collaboration.

Next Steps

As a result of the workshop showcase session it was determined that the wider industry impact of Collab is not clear and the product lacks a unique selling point.
It has been determined that the level of development required to make Collab a fit for purpose commercial product is beyond Well Safe Solutions current support capabilities.
Well Safe Solutions will provide Evoilve formal feedback so that the applications suitability can be constructively reviewed.