Sharing our industry vision

Industry leaders gathered yesterday for the Oil and Gas Industry Conference 2017 and Luca Corradi, our Innovation Network Director, was on the ‘Industry Vision’ focus session panel.

Appearing alongside experts from Shell, Oil & Gas UK, EEEGR and Opportunity North East, Luca shared our vision of 21st century oil and gas and the technology transformation required for the industry to be part of the low carbon future.

In the exhibition area, we were delighted to welcome First Minister Nicola Sturgeon to our stand where she met Luca and Rebecca Allison, Asset Integrity Solution Centre Manager, to discuss our first 100 days and the importance of knowledge transfer from other industries.

Luca, said: “As oil and gas demand will keep growing, we need to transform the industry to meet our needs for energy, materials and climate change. Building an industry for the future requires changing the way we work over the next 20 years and our journey needs to start today.

“It will be an exciting transformation that requires change in the workforce and in leadership. This involves new technology, but also new thinking and new behaviours.”