Imperial College London visit/Collaborating with the top colleges

Collaboration is one of our key drivers at The Oil and Gas Technology Centre and partnerships with universities and colleges are a very important part of the strategy.
On Tuesday 4 April our Director of University and Government Relations, Mark Lappin, together with Luca Corradi, Director Innovation Network visited Imperial College London.
“It was an introductory meeting to establish what the institution has to offer,” Mark explained.
“Luca presented our purpose and showed how we are set-up to senior researchers and people from the business engagement team at the university. We will now work together to build a day when Solution Centre managers can visit with some detail on more specific research.”

Imperial College London is one of the top universities in the UK with a focus on many aspects of our industry and a very high proportion of its funding coming from our industry. It is known for its groundbreaking research so we are very excited to be working with such illustrious partners.