Launching Insight 60


Stephen Sheal

Stephen Sheal

External Relationship Director

What do we mean when we talk about energy transition? What technologies will define the future of energy? How will it affect all our lives?

The debate over climate change and how we should decarbonise our economy is multifaceted, complex and sometimes heated, but how often have we had the opportunity to have a deeper conversation with real experts to explore the options for change? Not very often I imagine; most of our views come from either our own experience having worked or studied in a particular field for a long time, from the media or from deeply held beliefs.

Insight 60 is a new series of webinars that we have launched to focus on technology that will enable energy transition and net zero targets to be met. Running from July to October we have lined up a series of world class experts all of whom are working on technologies and projects that will change the way we produce and consume energy. Technology has a crucial role to play, Insight 60 will open the lid on exciting technologies and projects happening right now that will have impact on our ability to achieve our net zero targets.

Our first Insight 60 kicks off on the 30th June; we will host Mike Berners Lee, author of ‘There is no Planet B’. We wanted to bring a voice that doesn’t often get the opportunity to have a deeper dialogue with the oil and gas industry, so we have asked Mike to frame the climate challenge, help us learn how to have constructive conversations with the climate lobby groups and present his vision on an integrated energy system for the 21st Century.

On Friday the 3rd July, Insight 60 will host Nico Van Dooren, Director of New Business at the Port of Rotterdam. We are excited to hear more about the Ports plan to decarbonise one of the biggest industrial cluster in Europe. There will be much to learn from this project, given that the we face very similar challenges here in the UK.

Insight 60 is an open registration event, but book now to ensure your place, and keep an eye open for trailers detailing the next Insight 60 webinars to be held at the end of July and beginning of August 2020.