14 August 2020, 11:00 to 12:00

Tech20 Virtual: How to train your D… Data!



14 August 2020, 11:00 to 12:00


Online via Zoom 

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Nicoletta Maurizi Compatangelo MSc (Comp) BSc Hons (Chem), HyperDAP Ltd Founder and Managing Director

D is for Data (not for Dragon!), which is also your best asset (the data). Somebody can argue that your best asset is actually your mind; so how to combine data and mind? What can we do to get more intelligible data or to use data more intelligently? Any industrial sector currently generates an incredible amount of data. For example, oil and gas/renewable energy sectors produce terabytes of data per day. From machine learning and artificial intelligence to analytics, we have heard it all – or so you may think...

Let’s discover some facts on big data and their processing. Let’s reveal a few misconceptions and some secrets from a combined, real-world technical and business perspective:

• ML and its superset AI are silver bullets capable of automatically extracting new results from your data – really?

• Data is widely considered valuable, even if sometimes is it worth nothing and are totally unreliable – why nobody links value to data quality?

As we reveal myths and reality, join the conversation about how data is an integral part of the business and find out more about efficient data processing, data quality assessment and improvements.

Nicoletta Bio:

Nicoletta began her UK career in the oil and gas sector in 2005, working on hydrocarbon allocation and data management. She has a passion for innovation and leading edge software, founding HyperDAP Ltd during the Grey Matters 3 programme in 2019.

She has gathered a team of smart professionals with top range knowledge and skills in advanced software technologies to address the need for sophisticated and intuitive software solutions in the energy transition. Nicoletta and her team have developed a smart solution for the visualisation, the automated analysis and the intelligent interpretation of large sensorial datasets.

What is Tech20 Virtual:

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