09 October 2020, 11:00 to 12:00

Tech20 Virtual: developing a net zero roadmap for scottish industry



09 October 2020, 11:00 to 12:00


Online via Zoom. 

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Mike Smith, CEO, NECCUS

NECCUS is leading an Innovate UK and industry-funded partnership, developing a roadmap to net zero for the Scottish industrial cluster on the East Coast of Scotland, an area which represents 80% of the country’s industry emissions.

Phase one1 of the project is complete, and with phase two expected to commence in January 2021 it will establish pathways to deliver industrial decarbonisation infrastructure around:
- Blue and green hydrogen
- CO2 capture across different industrial sectors
- CO2 and hydrogen networks
- CO2 storage sites
- CO2 shipping and port infrastructure
- BECCS (Bio-energy with Carbon Capture and Storage)
- DAC(Direct Air Capture)
- CO2 utilisation, The company’s strong commitment to stakeholder engagement will ensure it understands industry needs and issues
-Its energy system modelling approach, supported by technology assessment and engineering studies will provide the tools required
- The scenario analysis will show how individual strategies will (or will not) achieve net-zero, and identify the key issues to do so

So the focus is to provide the tools, evidence and context so that companies have the knowledge and confidence to make the right decisions. Coupled with ongoing decarbonising projects across Scotland, the company expects the roadmap to define the investments crucial to delivering net zero for Scotland by 2045.

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