28 February 2020, 12:30 to 13:30

Tech20: Starting off with nothing, still having most of it left...



28 February 2020, 12:30 to 13:30


The Oil & Gas Technology Centre
20 Queens Road
AB15 4ZT

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Iain Lees, Founder, Resolute

Starting a business?
Don’t know where to start?

Neither did Iain.

Made redundant from the energy industry, the employment market decimated in Aberdeenshire, Iain decided to start a business and make the best job he’d ever haveTaking part in the TechX Accelerator program has helped Iain develop both himself and his business.

Has it gone to plan? Well, not quite…
Have things changed from the original idea? Oh yes!
Has there been help along the way? Definitely!
Has it been fun? Totally!

A couple of years on, Resolute has pivoted and grown from the original idea of a simple technology concept generator, to specialising in the first technology idea they developed; something that became too good to let go. Only now are the increasingly ambitious plans starting to come to fruition.

It has been a journey and wouldn’t have been possible without some helpful direction along the way.
In this Tech20 session, Iain is going to talk about the journey of Resolute, including the help and direction they’ve had along the way, and some of the support that’s available to anyone who’s thinking of taking the plunge and starting their entrepreneurial adventure.


Iain’s Bio:

Iain is a 41-year-old jack of all trades, and master of some. Kind of...
Nineteen years in the energy industry, and seven years before that in pharmaceutical have given him a range of experience. As a recent graduate in the TechX Accelerator program 2019
Iain likes anything with a creative use of technology, and most things animal based.
His rescue dog, Dave, can often be found with him in the Resolute workshop in Stonehaven.
Iain is generally not keen on heights, wasps, mushrooms or public speaking.


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