30 September 2020, 14:00 to 15:00

Insight60: ‘Closing the Gap’ – technology for a net zero North Sea



30 September 2020, 14:00 to 15:00


Online via Zoom. 

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Malcolm Forbes-Cable

Vice President, Upstream Consulting and Supply Chain Lead, Wood Mackenzie

What is Insight 60? 
Unprecedented events are occurring in every corner of the world and every part of society. The greatest of these still looms large on our horizon. The challenge of climate change needs to be met with serious urgency, but the solutions have the potential to transform our industry and drive us towards a more successful sustainable economy. 
In a connected series of webinars with respected thought leaders and industry experts we will outline the challenge, and examine some of the many solutions that are emerging to move us in the right direction. 
60 minutes of insightful presentations from Keynote speakers focused on the energy transition. Each session includes an audience Q&A round. 

Keynote insight:

Malcolm’s presentation will share the key findings of the Closing the Gap: Technology for a Net Zero North Sea report, produced by Wood Mackenzie for the OGTC - a technology roadmap for an integrated energy future in the North Sea 

Key highlights include: 

-Unlocking a £2.5 trillion potential prize 

-Leading in net zero technology and creating 200k jobs 

-Investment at pace to realise value 

Investment is needed now to close the gap on the technologies needed for the UK and Scotland to achieve net zero ambitions. With the energy transition gathering pace, leveraging the strength of the oil and gas industry in partnership with the renewables sector – whilst working with government and academia – will allow the North Sea to be reimagined, bringing vision to life. 

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