13 September 2019, 12:30 to 13:30

Tech20: Rebooting work through robotics – what does the future hold in oil and gas?



13 September 2019, 12:30 to 13:30


The Oil & Gas Technology Centre

20 Queen's Road


AB15 4ZT

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Guy Kirkwood, Chief Evangelist, UiPath

What is robotic process automation (RPA) and why is it important? Is automation going to make everyone unemployed, what happens to employees when RPA is deployed and how is it being combined with artificial intelligence? Also, what impact is automation having on customer experience and what does the future hold?

All these questions…and more…..will be covered by Guy as he provides a whistle-stop tour on what's happening in the market, how it affects the oil and gas industries and why you should care.

Guy Kirkwood's Bio: 

Guy Kirkwood, chief evangelist of UiPath, is using robotic process automation and artificial intelligence to reboot work - with a robot for every person. Since joining in 2015 when UiPath was  just 27 people in one city, Guy has helped the company to grow to 3,300 people across 24 countries, now generating $250m in annual recurring