04 October 2019, 12:30 to 13:30

Tech20: R&D developments within the Nuclear Manufacturing Sector



04 October 2019, 12:30 to 13:30


The Oil & Gas Technology Centre

20 Queen's Road


AB15 4ZT



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Steve Jones, Chief Technology Officer & Professor of Welding Technology, University of Sheffield - Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre

The presentation will provide a brief introduction of the Nuclear AMRC and an overview of the Centre’s mission, along with an outline of its nine anchor technologies and seven key development programmes aligned to delivering its mission and impactful benefits to its stakeholders. It will also provide a brief overview of its wider involvement as one of the seven High-Value Manufacturing Catapult centres.

From this introduction, the presentation will provide an insight into some of the key manufacturing and supply-chain challenges faced within the nuclear sector and some of the solutions the Nuclear AMRC is developing for nuclear power to be considered a cost-effective technology within the UK's energy sector portfolio. It will introduce those novel manufacturing developments aimed at addressing the long lead-time production schedules and supply-chain monopolisation, the use of quantum heat sources to accelerate manufacturing rates whilst enhancing mechanical and corrosive properties, and future work focused on expanding a designer’s degrees of freedom whilst considering the TES of a product.

Finally, an overview of those outputs from the recent Nuclear Innovation Programme (NIP-Phase 1) funded by BEIS. This will provide the basis for seeding potential ideas for possible collaborative research programmes between the OGTC/NDC and Nuclear AMRC.

Steve Jones Bio:

Dr Jones is the Chief Technology Officer for the Nuclear Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre and Professor of Welding Technology at the University of Sheffield. His career spans 38 years encompassing joining & materials R&D within the nuclear, automotive, aerospace and marine power sectors. His research in developing Rolls-Royce’s SMD process applied to 3D-AM jet engine parts led to him being the recipient of the Leslie Lidstone Medal in 2000.

Dr Jones is a UK-IIW delegated expert for commissions I, III and XVII, a UK representative for ASME Section IX, and a member of the UK’s RCC-M working group.