21 June 2019, 12:30 to 12:30

Tech20: Innovative topsides removal


Christina Krachtoudi, Lead Project Engineer, Saipem Ltd


21 June 2019, 12:30 to 12:30


The Oil & Gas Technology Centre

20 Queen's Road


AB15 4ZT

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Christina Krachtoudi, Lead Project Engineer, Saipem Ltd

The Miller field in the central North Sea was operational for 15 years (1992 to 2007), during which time it produced some 345 million barrels of oil equivalent. Its final decommissioning, in 2018, has been an innovative and successful project, with the safe preparation and removal of topside modules (circa 28,000 te) and a derogated jacket (circa 12,000 te).

This presentation focuses on the removal of one of the Miller topsides modules using the Innovative “Extended Lift” method, which utilised the Saipem S7000 crane vessel to carry the structure to the disposal yard in Norway.

The presentation will be covering the challenges and key issues listed below.

First extended lift (circa 60 hours) of a large structure in air (circa 5000 te)
Module lifted with the vertical Flare boom in place (flare was the tallest structure in the North Sea)
Tank tests (1:50 scale models of S7000 and module) carried out to verify clearances to vessel cranes and to establish operability limits (wave heights and periods)
Correlation of the model test results with analytical parameters
“Go No-Go” Decision Criteria
Vessel operations and contingency planning
Motions Monitoring System installed on module and S7000

As part of the conclusion of the presentation, we will present why Saipem considers the “Extended Lift” as the method of choice for both platform modules and substructures.


Christina Krachtoudi is a Lead Project Engineer for Saipem. She obtained her Master’s degree in Civil Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA), after which she started her career in the onshore civil industry before joining Saipem in 2011 as a structural engineer. She progressed quickly within Saipem and soon moved into project engineering.  She has led a number of varied projects for Saipem, from heavy lift installation to pipelay EPCI and more recently Decommissioning (EPRD), where she was the Lead Project Engineer for the removal of the BP Miller Topsides.

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