27 September 2019, 12:30 to 13:30

Tech 20: Wave Energy Technology Applications



27 September 2019, 12:30 to 13:30


The Oil & Gas Technology Centre
20 Queen's Road
AB15 4ZT

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Tim Hurst, Managing Director, Wave Energy Scotland

Wave Energy Technology has been making steady progress in Scotland for many years, with a strong focus on utility scale electricity generation. But this generation of wave devices are now reaching maturity and the focus has changed to look for applications in new and emerging markets. Wave Energy Scotland (WES) has been running a technology programme for the last 4 years to select and develop the best technology, culminating in real sea testing of two wave devices in Orkney in 2020.

This presentation will outline the WES technology programme and explore future wave technology.

Tim Hurst Bio:

Wave Energy Scotland’s Managing Director Tim Hurst has worked in marine energy for 15 years, first as a consultant for the construction of the European Marine energy Centre in Orkney and now with Scotland’s leading wave technology development programme. The skills and experience acquired from an early career in the RAF running aircraft operations and maintenance, and later developing new technology for military aircraft are essential qualities for leading this new industry model. After 4 years in the driving seat, his team of 14 now manages some 88 different projects and works with 177 separate engineering and academic institutions.

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