06 July 2018, 12:30 to 13:30

Tech20: Artificial Intelligence and big data in the Oil & Gas industry


A social showcase for speakers presenting technology focused topics.


06 July 2018, 12:30 to 13:30


The Oil & Gas Technology Centre
20 Queens Road
AB15 4ZT

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We have launched a series of weekly events called ‘Tech20’ to help inspire a culture of innovation in the North-East of Scotland.

The events take place in our Innovation Hub and will feature an expert speaker giving a thought-provoking insight into a technology, theme or business area.

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Dr Andrew Starkey, Lecturer, University of Aberdeen

Recently there has been an explosion of interest in Artificial Intelligence techniques, Machine learning, and their application in big data type problems with news articles reaching the main stream on sites like the BBC or broadsheet newspapers.

So what is Artificial Intelligence? How does this differ from machine learning and what is it? How do regression techniques fit in? What is deep learning and why should I care? What counts as big data? What are the limitations of these techniques? Will they solve all my problems? 

This presentation will explain the myths behind the hype and how these technologies can be used and exploited in the oil and gas industry. It will identify where Artificial Intelligence can be used and where problems could occur, and the types of issues that have to be overcome for Artificial Intelligence to function best, and where the cost and effort in using these techniques resides