Culture of Innovation

Open Innovation Portal 

The Energy Community Portal aims to inspire a dynamic and vibrant technology-orientated community through an open platform that allows you to share ideas and collaborate with others, jump starting conversations and ideas that can support and promote innovation.

In this open space we will post conversation topics and challenges that you can respond to and/or collaborate with to mature early stage ideas within a community of like-minded and inspirational individuals. These ideas may inform feasibility studies or form co-funded projects.

  • We believe that technology appropriately deployed can make a step change in an industry
  • We seek to inspire across the generations to transform the oil and gas industry through technology
  • We want you to be part of creating the change in how we work

Whoever you are, whatever your age or background,  we want you to join the conversations.  Users can learn and generate ideas. Take a look at the current conversation topics and start a thread or share your thoughts.  By contributing alone, you could start an inquisitive conversation helping us achieve innovation.

Respond to one of our open challenges which ask real industry questions.  Users can collaborate by providing feedback to submissions, allowing for ideas to be shaped and enhanced.  By working together, we can find innovative solutions.