Culture of Innovation

The challenge? 

The industry has identified two key challenges to overcome in order to enable the economic development of drilling, completing and producing from wells (particularly subsea) in low permeability Brent reservoirs. There is urgency to address these issues to enable the economic recovery of resources while the infrastructure is still in place.

Identifying technology - call for ideas

The OGTC are looking for novel, innovation applications of both mature and newly emerging technologies to address the challenge themes, within the shortest possible timescales. Technologies should be: 

  • At a high Technology Readiness Level (TRL)
  • Ready for field trials/deployment within the next 18 months

Challenge Themes

In order to maximise the economic recovery from Low Permeability Tight Brent Reservoirs, industry has an urgent need to:

  • Improve reservoir deliverability
  • Improve prediction of static parameters and dynamic performance 

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Submission deadline extended: 31st July 2020