About us

Our Values

Our vision is to help make the North East of Scotland a great place to live, work and invest.

Our ambition is to become the go-to technology centre for the oil and gas industry in the UK and internationally.

Our values reflect our role as a leading research and knowledge technology organisation. They guide our behaviours and actions as we seek to fund and build sustainable partnerships with industry, academia and government. Our values are:

We operate within a network of stakeholders with independence and integrity. Providing unbiased selection of ideas and projects to drive performance improvements in our industry.

We believe great technology appropriately deployed can make a step change in an industry and want to be part of creating that change in how we work.

We serve the whole of the oil and gas industry, from the biggest operators to the smallest technology specialists, and everyone in between.

We do not take anything at face value. We are constantly looking for new ideas and opportunities which could make a difference in our sector.

We seek to inspire younger generations to join the industry and transform it through technology. We support the development of an inspiring, dynamic and vibrant technology-oriented community anchored in the region.