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How we’re helping

The OGTC is working with employees, members, technology developers, local authorities, NHS and other cross-industry organisations to support the response to COVID-19.

If you or your company would like to get involved and help, here’s just a few of the ways you can support.

If you have any bright ideas we haven’t covered, please contact us at covidresponse@theogtc.com – we’ll get back to you!

Developing technology for the front-line workers

The OGTC is rallying ideas from across its technology network, to identify solutions or techniques that will support the fight against COVID-19 – and we’ll be setting aside funding to support this.

If you have a technology that could enhance manufacturing capability, enable supply chain and logistics, arrest the virus spread and enhance community assistance, please get in touch.

You can submit your idea to covidresponse@theogtc.com including the following information:

• Company
• Name of idea
• Description of technology (max 100 words)
• Potential impact on COVID effort (max 100 words)
• Cost estimate to deliver
• Timeline for delivery
• Any other notes/details

Ideas to date include the printing of 3D face shields, pressure support power-packs and UV lights for enhanced cleaning techniques – so keep them coming!
We will collate all your ideas, share them with key stakeholders include NHS Grampian and Local Councils, and get back to you shortly.

Stemming the PPE shortage

There is a short-term shortage of PPE equipment, including face shields and/or masks. A number of organisation have contacted us to ask for support in donating or manufacturing these.

NHS Grampian

This link shows the PPE that staff are required to wear in higher risk areas (right hand side of diagram).

In higher risk areas staff are wearing FFP3 masks (EN149) for respiratory protection, if the mask has a comfort valve then they are also required to wear a full face visor (EN 166) rather than wraparound style glasses or goggles (also EN 166).

The FFP3 masks are all 3M models (1863+/9330+, 8833+, 1873+/9332+ and 1895V+/8835+) and NHS Grampian would welcome donations of these models.

If you have the capacity to manufacture face shields, the NHS is also happy to take donations of 3D printed shields. This design has been approved and a further option is being trialled - with the hope it can also be used.

We're working to find a centra coordination point for these, however in the short term please contact us with your offers of support.

Innovating across industries

We work across industries and sectors to share the latest innovations and calls for ideas. Here are those we’re aware of in the battle to beat Coronavirus:

£1 million Defence Innovation Funding

The Defence and Security Accelerator has launched a new open call for ideas to develop and idea or novel approaches to boost the Armed Forces in the Coronavirus effort.

Full details can be found online including how to submit a proposal, with a deadline of 12 noon on 15th April.

If you have any more, please contact us with details and we’ll add them to our website.

Supporting our communities

Our employees are involved in a range of community initiatives, here are a few you can get involved in too.

Aberdeen City, Shire and Moray - Council Grampian Coronavirus Assistance Hub (GCAH)

The GCAH has been launched as a central focal point for information and assistance, for anyone affected by COVID-19. This includes a range of health and prevention information, alongside:

• How to make a request for assistance
• How to register as a volunteer/community group
• How to register your business

So whether you need support or would like to help, you can find a range of information at www.gcah.org.uk – or call 0808 196 3384 (8am – 8pm, 7 days a week).

Other sources of information and advice

We’re tackling this together. Here are a range of other sources you can turn to for information or advice:


If you would like us to add details of what your organisation is doing to support this, please contact us directly.