Engaging the industry on non-intrusive inspection

Process vessel inspection is a major cause of production downtime and costs the industry hundreds of millions every year.

Field trials of non-intrusive inspection technology taking place on Total’s Elgin platform.
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Non-intrusive inspection of process equipment provides a real opportunity to improve the competitiveness of the UK North Sea and help maximise economic recovery.

One of our key objectives is to eliminate vessel entry for inspection by 2026 and NII is critical to delivering this. We’re working with industry partners to demonstrate that the significant safety and costs benefits outlined in the survey can be achieved.


Survey finds non-intrusive inspection could deliver £242 million benefit to the UKCS

An industry survey by the Oil & Gas Technology Centre and ABB found that adopting non-intrusive inspection (NII) technology could deliver increased production and lower maintenance costs worth up to £242 million per year to the UKCS.

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Non-intrusive inspection trials hailed a success by Technology Centre and Total

The results of NII trials, organised by the Oil & Gas Technology Centre and Total E&P UK, demonstrated that the technology can deliver significant cost, safety and efficiency benefits compared with traditional intrusive methods.

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Technology Centre and Total scoop MER UK Award for NII trial activity

The MER UK prize was secured following collaboration between the Centre and TEPUK which enabled early field trials of non intrusive inspection technologies to take place on its Elgin PUQ platform.

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Want to work with us on non-intrusive inspection?

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