The Oil & Gas Technology Centre is delighted to invite you to join Code[Less], our first virtual hackathon, delivered in partnership with Microsoft.

We need your help! We are looking for teams to help us solve real life energy industry challenges set - using a codeless approach.

With help from our challenge partner Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) Catapult, you will use Microsoft's Power Platform with industrial datasets to turn ideas into data driven solutions and provide analytical insight to boost productivity using the latest automated processes. Alongside the challenges you will be given a unique opportunity to upskill with access to masterclasses and mentoring from Microsoft. 

Code[Less] aims to raise awareness of the demand for automation and innovation in the energy sector and the push towards a net zero economy. There will be a notable prize up for grabs for the team who delivers the best product - secure your free place and register now. 


Are you a coder, developer, engineer or energy expert? Have you participated in a hackathon before? It doesn't matter - this is codeless. 

  • An opportunity to upskill
  • Attend masterclasses on Microsoft's Power Platform
  • Receive mentoring from Microsoft and the data custodians
  • A cash prize to be won - more information coming soon...

This hackathon is open to everyone. All you need is a passion for solving problems and a desire to play a key role within a participating team to collaboratively present your team's idea on the data challenges presented. We are looking for inquisitive, innovative and rationale individuals to join one of fifteen teams up for grabs on this virtual hackathon. 


Fifteen teams will spend three days collaborating using Microsoft Teams and Power Platform to uncover and solve one of the energy industry's technical challenges, applying a codeless approach. 

Working in teams, participants have the potential to create an innovative solution that could make a long-lasting business impact for the data custodian.

On the fourth day, five teams will be shortlisted to pitch their videos to an expert panel of judges, live during the ENGenious Online event on Thursday 24th September.

When you join the Code[Less] event you will have the choice of working on one of the set challenges. The OGTC is looking for innovative ideas and methods to solve these challenges using a codeless approach.

The challenges from the Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult will be delivered via Intelligent Plant's Industrial App Store Connector which allows for powerful analytics and visualisations to be applied to real-time and historical process data. The Industrial App Store Connector seamlessly integrates industrial and corporate data to share with any colleague on any device, enabling faster, better, real-time decision making. The Industrial App Store Power BI Connector connects to Intelligent Plant's Industrial App Store, while all data remains securely and safely on your premises.



The Asset

The Levenmouth Demonstration Turbine (LDT) is a unique 7MW Samsung turbine, owned by the Offshore Renewable Energy Catapult and operated by Wood since December 2015.  This offshore turbine not only delivers clean energy to the National Grid but allows demonstration of physical and software innovations, allowing technologies to accelerate up the TRL scale. 

The Data

ORE Catapult is providing a year's worth of data from 574 different SCADA sensors including component temperatures, pressures, electrical signals and atmospheric conditions and raw alarms.

Keep your eyes peeled as we continue to add more challenges...

Registration closes 7th September 2020. Please note, registration may close early if all 75 places are secured. The event is limited to 75 places across 15 teams of five participants.

There are two registration options: 

  1. You register as an individual and the OGTC will assemble your team

  2. You register as an individual but indicate that you are part of a preferred team - you will be asked to provide information. Please note that all participants of a preferred team will be required to register separately. The OGTC will assemble your team when all participants register. If you register with less that five team members, the OGTC will add to your team to make up numbers once registration closes

PLEASE NOTE: the event will be delivered on a GMT time zone.

If you have any further questions, please contact